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Our Church Warmly Welcomes Everyone

We have many services both in traditional and contemporary form, for all ages. There are silent contemplative services as well as very musical services. If you have not attended Church before you will find a warm welcome here.

Take time out of your day to sit with no distractions of the modern busy world we live in. Take time to find your spiritual side - read sermons that can inspire and enlighten. Find meaning to your life. - Enjoy companionship & fellowship

Take part in many connected social activities -   Give it a try - contact us and build a new life.

Our Safeguarding Arrangements

Rev. Paul Cudby - 01564 742565

Parish Safeguarding
Tracey Higham -  01564 742009

Safeguarding Lead on PCC:
Phil Terry -  01564 742049

Bishop’s Safeguarding Adviser:
Steph Haynes - 07342 993 844

ChildLine: 0800 11 11NSPCC:  0808 800 5000

You can read our Safeguarding Policy here.